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Scratch Coding Project using Google Classroom

Pacific Palms Public School is a future focused school, making creative and critical thinking a priority in every classroom. In late 2017, a group of nine students were selected to participate in a trial using Chrome books to access resources such as the DoE student portal, Google Classroom, Google Earth and Scratch, a coding program.

The major focus of the project was to encourage a flipped learning scenario where teachers were the facilitators of learning and students had ownership and voice. Essential literacy and numeracy skills were still explicitly taught, alongside a more inquiry based approach, with students questioning, following lines of inquiry and learning to use different applications in the Google suite. This allowed students to work at their own pace and use higher order thinking skills.

Students were highly engaged with the trial and error nature of coding in Scratch. They explored more complex functions such as voice recording, loops and challenging animation of characters. They worked hard to implement movement functions like using the x and y axis, accurately timing tiles, creating backdrops and moving ‘sprites'.

Every day students would ask, "When we are going to do coding?" showing their dedication to the project and enthusiasm for learning in this form.

Another major focus for the project was shifting learning from the classroom into homes. Students who participated have taught their parents the basics of coding videos, accessing transparent images online, blogging on Google Classroom and shared their deep understanding of biomes. We have found that in most cases, students have superseded their parents understanding of coding.

An extremely useful tool students learned to use was the blogging platform in Google classroom. This allowed them share their knowledge with other students as they discovered new elements of coding in Scratch. They have also solved technology difficulties at home by sharing experiences through blogs.

A four minute promotional clip was filmed to showcase the project, including interviews with students, parents and teachers at the school. The students worked very hard throughout this project and we are extremely proud of their achievements.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work of Ms Amanda Godfree (teacher), Rod Dransfield (Technology integrator) and Ian Roberts-Digitally Infinite (Community partner).

Our 2018-200 school plan targets innovative learning as a strategic direction. This plan was created with input from students, parents, staff and community. We are evolving and changing all the time to ensure we are keeping up with an ever changing complex world. We are excited by the future!

The school has a Computer Lab that allows all classes to work with computers and develop their technology skills. The computer lab also is a connected classroom with an interactive whiteboard used by both teachers and students for interactive lessons and video conferencing.The library has a bank of computers for research and internet information.