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Message from our Principal:

Welcome to our wonderful school!

A warm welcome from Pacific Palms Public School to you and your family. As a parent you naturally want the best for your children, preferring a primary school which has a positive ethos, where children are happy in their schooling, where expectations are consistently high, and where children emerge well-prepared both academically and socially for the challenge of the secondary phase of their education.

At Pacific Palms Public School we look to meet these high standards.  We aim to provide a school environment where children feel secure, where they are involved and excited by their learning and where they expect to work hard and enjoy success.

In welcoming your family to our school community, I would stress that we believe the education of your child to be a partnership and I express the hope that, together through mutual support and participation, we can ensure your child is successful and enjoys their time at Pacific Palms Public School.

Melissa Merchant - Principal


This orientation program gives future Kindergarten students a wonderful opportunity to discover what big school is like, while also allowing for teachers to start to get to know each child before grouping them into classes. 

Pacific Palms Public School engages in strong collaboration between parents, students and the community that inform and support continuity of learning for all students during their transition from home and preschool to primary school. 

During September-December in the year prior to your child beginning Kindergarten: 

  • Our highly-qualified teaching and learning support staff carry out Preschool visits and collaborate with early educators and new parents.

  • All new parents are encouraged to attend an Information Session at the school.  

  • New students are invited to attend ‘Happy Start’; four consecutive morning sessions (9:30 am - 12:00 noon) with our Kindergarten teachers at ‘Big School’, where they will meet new friends, participate in a highly accredited Gymnastics program and be introduced to Kindergarten routines. 

All information for enrolment and transition activities will be available on our school Facebook page. Families may join this private page on enrolment. Prior to enrolment, look for information at your child’s preschool/ daycare centre or call our school office to talk to our friendly staff on 02 65540249. 



Our Buddy Program is a valuable part of the Kindergarten transition process. New kindergarten students are matched with a Year 6 student who helps them settle into their new school environment from as early as October in our Happy Start Program. 

Year 6 buddies will take on the responsibility of caring for their kindergarten friends and building mentoring and leadership skills. Younger children have the opportunity to engage with older peers and build social skills and confidence in their new environment. 

'School readiness' is more than being clever with letter, words, numbers and reading. These skills will be supported and taught at school. 
Emotional and social maturity are the key components of 'readiness' and are aspects of child development that cannot be rushed. They will develop naturally for each individual child in their own time. 
Children who are developmentally ready to learn will more easily thrive, flourish and enjoy the challenges of school life. 
If there is any doubt of your child's school readiness and they turn 5 years old between January 1st and July 31st during the year you are thinking of enrolling them in Kindergarten, as parents and carers, you have an opportunity to give your child another year to emotionally and socially prepare for their school life. 

With another year, children are able to mature and enjoy play-based learning at home and in early childhood settings; beginning Kindergarten in the year they turn 6 years old. 

Kindergarten teachers at Pacific Palms Public School are early childhood and primary teachers with training in early childhood development. They are available by contacting the school on 0265540249. Preschool teachers who are trained in early childhood development and know your child are also great people to assess school readiness.

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is a Literacy and Numeracy assessment conducted for all Kindergarten students in NSW. This assessment identifies students’ Literacy and Numeracy skills on entry to Kindergarten. Many children come to school already engaging with the world around them and showing mathematical knowledge and a love of books and stories. No preparation is necessary. 

While your child has their 'meeting', parents/ carers will meet the executive school staff to chat about your child and their new school. This is a great opportunity to share information about your child and ask any questions you may have about our school.

For more information, please read the following link: Best Start Fact Sheet

You will receive a letter to advise your child’s Best Start Interview time and date in late Term 4 prior to the new Kindergarten year.  


Big Childcare provides high quality before school care, after school care and vacation care for primary school students aged 5-12 years. 

Hours of operation:

6:30-9am- Before school 

3-6:30pm- After school 

Big Childcare Website:

The school office is the heart of Pacific Palms Public school. Here you will be greeted by our professional and friendly staff to assist your family and child in the caring way they do best. 

The Administration office and phone hours are:


Parents are encouraged to keep informed about school events.

Through email links at the beginning of the school year, you will be able to access school administration applications such as: Sentral and School Bytes. These allow for easy meeting bookings and payments. 

Our newsletter is emailed three times a term to the nominated email address on your enrolment form (if your email changes at any time, please advise the school.)

Joining our Pacific Palms Public School page on ‘Facebook’ ensures you receive important information and stay up to date.

Link to our school Facebook page:

Canteen reopening soon.

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